What is the Santa Experience?

Think back to your childhood.  Did you meet Santa?  Did you have a chance to interact with him, or were you only given the time to tell him about that one toy you REALLY wanted?  As that young child, can you imagine what it would have been like to have a real conversation with Santa?  You may not have had that opportunity, and you may not have given YOUR child that opportunity… yet! 


Visiting Santa at David Hamrick Photography is VERY different than anything you have done before.  Your children will receive their own private appointment with Santa, giving them a wonderful chance to interact with the big guy.


Here, a visit with Santa will be like walking into their very own Christmas story. Each child is led through a series of scenes that follows the theme of our Storybook Album.  There are no posed pictures, we set the stage and capture the REAL emotions and REAL smiles in stunning imagery that will forever fill your heart and your home with memories from the time they fully ‘believed’. Although we may make subtle changes in position or angle, most children leave with barely a recollection of even having their picture taken.  We simply capture the genuine interaction of your children and our real life Santa. 

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My daughter loved seeing Santa! They made the experience amazing for her, and were very friendly! They also were great with her, helping her feel more comfortable in front of a camera!    ~Holly

The Santa experience, was magical from start to finish! My girls had a blast throughout the whole session. They said it was awesome. It was so much more than the ordinary sit in Santa’s lap and just give him your list. They got to enjoy talking with Santa, milk and cookies, and story-time. I will always cherish my storybook, every year I sit it out for display.    ~ Christin

I can’t say enough about this experience! It’s not just for little kids. I wanted something with my big kids; 22, 19, and 17. The keepsake storybook will be a cherished memory they will be able to share with their own kids in time. I just love having these Santa/Christmas pictures to cherish.  ~  Cheri

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