2018 Parents, Ready or Not, It's Time to Party!

It’s hard to believe we are already midway into February of 2018! And as much as some of you may want to put the brakes on, it’s coming….graduation is quickly approaching. In fact, it will be here quicker than you think. With Spring Break in March, Prom in April and all the many activities that keep you busy, May will soon be here and all those years of preparation will be finalized. Take a deep breath; it’s going to be fine, we promise! But there’s still much to do between now and then, and we want to make sure you’re prepared, so we’re going to help you out over the next couple of weeks.

With graduation, often times comes graduation parties! We realize it’s only February, but it’s time to start putting this plan in motion so you’ll be ready to go on the big day!

Here’s a quick checklist for you when deciding on putting together a graduation party:

*Who do you want to invite?

*family only – do you want to keep it close and intimate?

*classmates & friends – want to open it up and include those you graduated with?

*your neighborhood – you really want to throw a big shindig!

When do you want to have this party?

*right after the graduation ceremony – be sure to keep in mind the time

graduation starts, how many are graduating (thus how long the graduation will

last), if you are inviting any out of town guests that may need to be traveling home

afterwards, if you might be competing with other friends or classmates that are

graduating on the same day

*holding it on a different day – if you are inviting out of town guests this may be

difficult coming in on two different days

Where do you want to have this celebration?

*outdoors – be sure to consider weather!, are you having this at your home or

another outdoor location – be sure to reserve that space

*indoors – be aware of the number of guests you’ve invited and reserve/plan a

space accordingly

Do you want a theme or style for this party?

Let your guests know whether they need to dress a certain way – casual, formal, etc


No one said Senior Year wasn’t going to be an expensive one, but let’s face it – you’ve been by their side every step of the way up to this point, it’s time to celebrate and make it memorable. Just be sure you have a checklist of what you want at the party!


Invitations & postage (watch for our upcoming post about this!!)

Food & Drinks

Rentals – (spaces? tables? equipment?)

Photography & Video

Party Favors

Thank you notes & postage

We can’t help you slow it down or stop it from happening, but hopefully we can help you make it one they’ll remember.

David & Tammy

David Hamrick Photography

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