What to Get? What to Get?

Graduation invitations for 2018 seniors will soon be hitting the mailboxes and with that comes the dilemma – what to get the soon to be graduate? Honestly, there are so many options available! Here are just a few suggestions to make things easier when sending off these fantastic seniors!

*You cannot go wrong with techy gifts! You can help your future college grad to be

prepared in the best overall way possible with some of these really cool tech items:

*laptop – we all know that a laptop is must when sending them off to college

*noise cancelling headphones – help them stay focused and concentrate on hitting

the books despite the loud music in the dorms

*echo/echo spot – this is the latest and greatest in techy gear! With voice

recognition, your future college grad will be able to request an Uber, order a pizza,

listen to music, get the latest weather updates and much more!

*portable travel charger – cell phones are never far from reach, so help them keep

them charged with a handy portable charger - plus there’s never an excuse not to

answer that text from mom ;)

*Help them decorate their dorm!! No one wants to live in a blah, old room!

*monogrammed towels and cute sheets

*shower bags to carry all their personal items

*Gift cards – better yet get them a gift card to places like Bed, Bath & Beyond

(there’s tons of stuff to choose from there to spruce up their room and if they use a

coupon they can get even more bang for their buck! Or try Kohl’s – another great

place for them to get really great items to make them feel at home, plus they’ll be

able to get some Kohl’s cash back)

*Send them off with something from home!

*Did your senior participate in a lot of activities/sports through the years and now

you have all these t-shirts tucked away? Why not do something special with them

and make a t-shirt quilt they can take with them?

*Gift Cards or Cash

*College life is expensive! Help your future grad out a bit by purchasing gift cards to

fast food restaurants, gas stations, local big box stores (so they can grab needed

school supplies or hygiene items) or simply give them cash. Guarantee they will

appreciate it!

Start watching! Those invitations will be showing up soon!

David & Tammy

David Hamrick Photography

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