Meet Jamie! Jamie is one of the most laid back guys we have met. I guess that makes sense, since (ooo, see what I did there) his Instagram Bio says “I say bro alot”. Lol! We had to ask him about that during the session, because he didn’t say “bro” at all. I’ll admit, I’m probably a little old to be called bro.

Jamie’s session was before his senior year had officially begun, but he was already attending workouts for the cross-country team. We got to hear about the fun little pranks the team members were pulling on each other. At that time, if I remember correctly, Jamie had a revenge prank in the works. Jamie and the cross-country team had a successful year, and Jamie qualified to run in the Regional Cross-Country Meet. During his session we took some pictures in the studio with his CC uniform on. Although CC runners don’t start from the blocks, we decided to use that pose (it’s a little more interesting that just standing there, like they normally start) to do a composite. See the video on how we took Jamie from Studio to Stadium.

We always ask our Seniors what they plan to do after high school. Jamie told us he was going to join the Marines. We told him that our son Nathaniel had been in the Marines, and some of the things he had done. Tammy and I are both proud of Jamie’s decision and wish him the best as he heads off to MCRD San Diego for boot camp. If you see Jamie, shake his hand.

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