Meet David! Lol! Seriously, today’s blog is about ME! I wanted to show you the not-so-glamorous side of the typical Senior Session. Well, not glamorous because it’s pictures of me. I could have photoshopped my red face away in a couple of them, but decided you should see me as I am.

Posing: Of course I have to show the ladies how I want them to pose… it’s just easier to show them than try to explain it. I pride myself in the fact that a 57 year old fat man can still pop a hip with the best of them. (Yes, I hear your snickering… and I know, one of these days it’s gonna POP a little more than I want!)(shame on you!)

Then there’s the fact that I sometimes have occurrences of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. So when I stood up from being flat on my back, well, I’m glad there was a wall there to grab onto. I will say that lying flat on my back was not comfortable at all!

My fear of heights: OK, I was less than 4 feet in the air, but still! I’m sure when they see the finished images, they’ll love the 50 yard line shot!

Personal space issues: If you’re coming to have pictures with us, prepare to have your personal space invaded! Well, I only get in their face a couple of times. Mommas sure love those eyelash shots, though.

What’s fun is the fact that all through the sessions, Tammy is taking these behind the scenes shots and videos. She uses her pics and videos, and my pics, and creates a one of a kind video/slideshow that we show to each family at the beginning of the ordering session. We all sit around and smile, laugh, and even cry during the video. The Seniors get to remember all the fun we had during their session, and even see a thing or two they didn’t realize had happened.

If you are, or have, a Senior and would like to join in on this rampant fun, David Hamrick Photography is now booking Class of 2019 amazing Senior Sessions in our Van Alstyne Studio. Email us at info@NorthTXSeniors.com, or call us at 903-227-3792/3793.

We’d LOVE to photograph YOUR Senior portrait session!

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