Meet Tammy! Today’s post is about the better half of David Hamrick Photography! The last post showed me in front of Tammy’s camera. Today we are showing Tammy as she jumps in and out of my frame during the session.

Most of the time Tammy is behind me taking Behind The Scenes photos and videos to put in the video we show of each Senior as we start their reveal and ordering session. Tammy loves creating the videos that show the Senior and their parents things they may have missed during the actual session. Lots of laughs and funny faces make their way into the video. Tammy spends hours sifting through her pictures and mine to make sure the Senior remembers what they experienced that day.

Last week we showed me modeling some of the poses. Being a big man, I can’t DO all the poses we shoot. Tammy always knows which poses SHE has to model, to keep me from hurting myself. That, and she looks WAY cuter doing them than I would!

Tammy is also there to fix hair and clothing issues. You wouldn’t know it, but sometimes that gorgeous gown a Senior is wearing, ISN’T the correct size! Lol! If some of these ladies turned around, you would see a series of clamps and pins that run all up and down their backs. Then there’s the tulle fluffing! We are all the time fluffing tulle this way and that. And the hair! Most all of our Seniors have longer hair, and when we get outside it has a mind of it’s own. Tammy is constantly fixing and primping during the shoot. (I’d employ scissors if it were up to me…)

We got to do a commercial shoot for my brother-in-law over in Denton in May. It was something quite different from our normal shoots, and it was fun! They needed some shots for upcoming marketing materials. Luckily we didn’t end up shooting in any of the clean rooms, and the only thing we had to wear was safety glasses.

What you need to know about Tammy is that she does the majority of the work for the studio. My name is on the door, and I’m the one people think of first, because I’m usually the one with the camera. Pushing the button constitutes about 10% of what happens in our business. Chances are, Tammy handles most of the other 90%. If it were just me, David Hamrick Photography would just be a dream somewhere in the back corner of my mind. Together, and only together, Tammy and I are David Hamrick Photography.

If you are, or have, a Senior and would like to join in on this rampant fun, David Hamrick Photography is now booking Class of 2019 amazing Senior Sessions in our Van Alstyne Studio. Email us at info@NorthTXSeniors.com, or call us at 903-227-3792/3793.

We’d LOVE to photograph YOUR Senior portrait session!

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