Last Friday we had 2 more of our Team Members helping out at the Four Corners Outreach Alliance food pantry. Some days find the food pantry SUPER busy (especially at the first of the month when the clients come in), and other days can be pretty light.

Even though there are light days, there’s still plenty to do and all the volunteers at the food pantry are extremely thankful for the help! This past Friday was a food delivery day. Macy and Kaleigh Jo, who are both seniors from Anna and members of our 2019 David Hamrick Photography Senior Street Team, spent the morning helping the volunteers. They were able to assist in unloading the vehicle from that days volunteer who went and collected various food items, weighing those items, marking each item with an expiration or sell by date and then finally stocking the items on the shelves.

Four Corners Outreach Alliance – is a food pantry mission comprised of the following churches:

Blue Ridge First United Methodist

West Shady Grove Baptist

Trenton First United Methodist

Crossroads Presbyterian

Tom Bean First United Methodist

Peace Tabernacle

Anna First United Methodist

Pike Baptist

Westminster Baptist

And the pantry is open to residents of Collin, Grayson, Hunt and Fannin Counties.

Four Corners Outreach Alliance has a wide variety of groceries to choose from – meats, breads, canned goods, boxed items, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as snacks.

We loved being able to step in and offer assistance and are excited that several of our Team Members have participated at Four Corners over the last few weeks.

If you are a family in need of assistance or if you would like to volunteer - be sure to contact the Four Corners Outreach Alliance. They are always in need of people to help out at the food pantry as well as drivers to go and pick up the food items for the pantry:


Our team has had a wonderful time helping and serving others and each of them have mentioned how they would love to come back and help in the future!

If you are a 2020 Senior or know of a 2020 Senior and would like more information on our Senior Street Team, be sure to contact us! We’re currently taking email addresses for our David Hamrick Photography 2020 Senior Street Team:


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