Spotlight on Van Alstyne David & Eva Sisk - Eva's All Seasons Glass

Eva’s All Season Glass is owned by David and Eva Sisk. Currently they don’t have a store front, although that is something they are looking at in the future as their business and Van Alstyne continues to grow. So for their spotlight, we invited them up to our studio to sit and chat a bit as we got to know them and their business.

David started working in a glass shop in Plano at the age of 15 and after both David and Eva had had career changes, like many small businesses, they started working their business on the side. Doing glasswork on nights and weekends. Before they knew it, it had taken off and in 2012 Eva’s All Season Glass was started.

For the past nine years they have been part of the Van Alstyne community and are excited by the growth they’ve recently seen come to Van Alstyne. David mentioned, “the amount of businesses that have come into Van Alstyne in the last five years alone has been staggering…I love to see it.”

When we asked them how long they’d been a part of the Van Alstyne Chamber of Commerce and what made them join, both Eva and David explained to us how it’s benefitted them. “I believe it’s been 3 years,” Eva said, “when you’re trying to get a company started, those first couple of years you spend trying to figure out how to get it going.”

David told us, “Initially we were doing this on the side and on weekends. When it grew, we needed to figure out who to reach out to, and how to continue to grow.”

“That’s when we realized the chamber was a good way to reach other people. It’s a great way to network with other business owners and get the word out.” Eva explained.

We asked David and Eva to tell us what we should know about their business. David: “Our business is about 50% reactive, as in I need you now, and 50% scheduled. It’s an industry that you’re not needed until you’re needed. During soccer season, the coach will tell the kid to kick the ball against the wall so it will return to him so he can play by himself, but they never tell the kid to find a wall with no windows. So, when that occurrence happens, we feel like the customer is not really calling for you to repair the window, they’re asking for help. And that’s the way we look at it. It’s not just the repair of a window, that’s simple, that’s easy, they’re asking for help… ‘come help me, my house is open, I need security for my family’.”

Eva: “We also have Emergency Service, so if something happens in the middle of the night, like a break in, we go out and board you up and secure your house or your business. We’ve had a few of those. People are always glad to see us in the middle of the night when they’ve been invaded. We carry lots of glass in stock in our warehouse and we have a very good support system, but we could fill up our entire warehouse and still not have what you need. In those cases, we’ll board up the opening and then order what is needed.”

photo taken from Eva's All Seasons Glass website
photo taken from Eva's All Seasons Glass website

photo taken from Eva's All Seasons Glass website

With their target client being residential folks, the two of them can handle most jobs. But when something larger comes along or a commercial job that requires more assistance, they have people that know what they’re doing they call in to help them out. Just a few of the places you can see their glasswork at: Style and Curl in Anna, Rental One in Van Alstyne and Panda Express in Mesquite.

We want to thank David and Eva of Eva’s All Seasons Glass for being a part of Van Alstyne Chamber and we look forward to working with them in the future.

*you'll notice that much of David and Eva's work is done inside people's homes, for this reason they allowed us to pull images from their website to showcase their work

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