Spotlight on Van Alstyne - Bluebonnet Floral & Gifts

Last week we spoke with Maria Perperidis, owner of Bluebonnet Floral & Gifts, here is Van Alstyne and found out a little more about her and her floral business.

We asked Maria how she got started in the floral business and what brought her to Van Alstyne: “My parents are from Greece and immigrated to New York many years ago. That’s where I grew up. I went back to Greece to visit family and that’s where I met my husband. While in Greece, I was in the floral business. We moved back to New York and over the years I tried different career paths, including Law Enforcement. We eventually settled in Texas and more specifically, Van Alstyne, because we were looking for affordable housing and were able to find it here. We’ve been here almost five years now and love it. I decided to open a floral and gift business here because it was something I had done before while in Greece, I was experienced with it and enjoyed it and I wanted to provide something affordable to locals. And now we’ve been providing flowers and gifts for almost 2 years to residents in Van Alstyne and surrounding areas.”

Tell us what we should know about Bluebonnet Floral & Gifts and do you see any growth in your future:

“It’s just me. Although, during holidays or when it gets really busy, I have 5 kids and 3 of them are teenagers so they’ll help me or my husband will help out. I’ve had the opportunity to expand and am now with three of the floral wire services – FTD, Bloom Nation and TeleFlora. So along with finding us on our website, you can order flowers from us through these services. I’m also working with Scoggin’s Funeral Home here in town to be one of their vendors. It’s important to me to provide very customer friendly service. I understand that flowers are an extravagance and not a necessity, but I think everybody should be able to afford a nice bouquet on their table. I’m more centered around making the customer feel special. I also offer several unique gifts, so if you need something, especially if it’s a last minute sort of thing, you can run in and grab a great gift for someone. My price point is set so that most everyone can afford the gifts or flowers I offer.”

How long have you been a part of the Chamber and in what ways would you like to see Van Alstyne grow and change? “I joined the Chamber within a couple of months of opening. I’m from a small town in New York and we had a chamber up there. My parents had a business when I was younger and I know how important it is to develop relationships within the town and get local people’s support. This recently proved true when I had someone come in and steal some credit cards. The outpouring of the community was amazing. I had business owners come in and reach out to me. Thankfully the damages were minimal and I wasn’t hurt, it was just more invasive than anything. I really like the feeling that we’re all looking out for one another.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the growth of the chamber, new businesses coming in and the revitalization of the downtown area with the new murals and such. I would love to see some kind of recreation center for the kids, something along the lines of a YMCA – maybe with a pool table, tv’s, - someplace where they could safely hang out. It could be used for other activities as well, maybe even rented out.”

We know that prom season is here, do you offer items for those attending prom?

“Yes! We offer a variety of corsages and boutonnieres. I can usually have these ready for you with at least two days notice.”

We loved talking with Maria and getting the chance to see her beautiful flowers and all her unique gifts at Bluebonnet Floral & Gifts. Thank you for being a part of Van Alstyne Chamber and we look forward to working with you in the future.

***on a side note – we wanted to send a special thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement Maria sent us home with…she had no idea, but every year I order flowers at this time of year to mark the passing of my dad. So it meant a lot to me to receive this bouquet as we walked out the door and I have been enjoying every day since.

Bluebonnet Floral & Gifts - Maria Perperidis, Owner

532 N Waco Street, Van Alstyne, Texas 75495


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