Spotlight on Van Alstyne - Texas Haircut Co.

We stopped by Texas Haircut Co. in Van Alstyne recently and one of the first things we noticed was how open and bright is was in there! Such a beautiful space with lots to see. The next thing we noticed was there wasn’t any smell. You know what we’re talking about – that smell from perms or chemicals that’s often associated with a salon – well it wasn’t there! So we sat down and spoke with owner Amy Berrios to find out more about her and her salon.

We wanted know why we didn’t smell that ‘chemical’ smell that’s so often associated with hair salons, so we asked Amy to tell us!

Amy said, “We’re all cosmetologists here. I always wanted to be one since I was little. I had the opportunity in high school to study cosmetology, so I’ve been a cosmetologist since 1993. I had my license before I even graduated high school. My grandmother was a cosmetologist, and I have her license hanging on wall, my aunt I’m named after was a cosmetologist, and my mother. I take care of the hair needs and my husband, Jim, handles all the behind the scenes stuff like the paperwork. Here at Texas Haircut Co., we like to focus on the children, and keeping their environment clean. And then we realized how nice it was to not be around chemical vapors. So we don’t offer perms, colors or anything that has to do with chemicals.”

We found that super interesting and wanted to know what they did offer at Texas Haircut Co. – what could you expect when you came in?

Amy told us, “Well, of course we offer haircuts. We also offer conditioning treatments, blow outs, hair weaves, braids and flat ironing, anything in the hair cutting industry that is chemical free.”

Amy showed us their really cool “Kids Room” with the cute little car haircutting chair, so we wanted to know more about that.

Amy: ‘We want children to feel comfortable. So we offer this space for them with the car chair. This provides them with a space to watch Netflix and relax while they get their haircut. And because we don’t offer things like perms or colors, we are able to provide them with a clean environment. This is important to us.”

We were curious what brought her to Van Alstyne and wanted to find out how long they had been here.

Amy said, “We’ve lived in Van Alstyne a little over a year. We wanted a smaller community for our kids to grow up and go to school in. We opened Texas Haircut Co. last September and joined the Chamber shortly after that.”

We asked her, “Why Texas Haircut Co.? Where did the name come from?” Amy replied, “That was pretty simple, we’re Texas raised and Texas proud, so it seemed like a logical name.”

We know prom is in full swing at the moment! So we asked Amy if Texas Haircut Co. was available for services during this prom season. She told us, “Yes! We’ve already started booking for prom. We’ll be doing blow outs, flat ironing, hair weaves and braids – anything that is chemical free.”

We noticed several cute items from Ty Beanie Babies, caps and shirts, to candles from local vendors. All great items if you’re looking to pick up a gift for someone while getting your hair done or need to swing by real quick and grab something.

We asked Amy if she saw any growth in the near future for Texas Haircut Co. and how she would like to see Van Alstyne grow and change.

Amy: “As far as Texas Haircut Co., right now there are only three of us. Thankfully we’re growing, so we are looking to expand by bringing in a couple more stylists. And as far as Van Alstyne, I’m excited for new stuff to be here and I’m excited for growth, but I do love it the way it is, I love the small town.”

We asked her what she would like to tell people about Texas Haircut Co., what did she want everyone to know. And Amy told us, “We focus on families ages 0 to 100! We maintain a chemical free environment. We focus on haircuts, and any styling that is done chemical free so we don’t offer perms or colors. We also have many special needs clients, and are happy and proud to be able to provide these services. It’s one of the main reasons we have our ‘Kid’s Room’.”

So the next time your needing a trim or looking for a gift for a friend, be sure to stop Texas Haircut Co.! The Chamber would like to let Texas Haircut Co. know; they appreciate them being a member since 2018 and thank them for continuing to serve the community of Van Alstyne.

Texas Haircut Co.

220 E. Marhall St., Van Alstyne, TX 75495


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