Spotlight on Van Alstyne – Auto Body by Fisher

When you first make the turn off Henry Hynds Expy, you’ll notice several buildings that look similar – well, drive all the way around to the backside! That’s the building you’re wanting – Auto Body by Fisher. Richard Fisher, his wife Reva and daughter Misty are your go to people at this busy place. We took a few minutes and talked a bit with Richard to find out a little more about his business.

What got you started in this business and how long have you been here in Van Alstyne?

“Working on cars was easy for me I guess. I wrecked my car in high school and fixed it! My father-in-law had a shop in Denison, and I’d go help him on weekends. Then I started painting cars at my house, and one thing led to another and I went to work for a dealership. I worked for Larry Lane Cadillac for 28 years. When he sold the business to Crest Cadillac, I left there and went to Huffines for 10 years. Before moving to Van Alstyne, we had a little shop in McKinney for about three months, but we outgrew it pretty fast. Somebody told us this building was for rent, so we came and looked at it, and said ‘this will work!’. It’s growing in this area, so hopefully we can grow with it. We’ll be here 5 years in November.”

It looks like you have several projects going on here! What all do you do?

“We do just about everything. Our target audience is just about anyone with a vehicle. We do repairs for RDO Equipment in McKinney, Fort Worth and Irving. We have two or three corporate accounts like ACIS in McKinney that we do their bodywork for. Roper’s Wrecker Service will send us their stuff. We work on Anna ISD’s school buses. We work on 18-wheelers and motor coaches. We do restorations, wreck repair and hail damage repair. At the moment, we have five or six in for hail damage repair alone. So just about anything.”

Have you found there’s been any job that you just couldn’t handle?

“We did have one. We figured out that we couldn’t get a bulldozer inside our building. It was just too heavy. Other than that, I haven’t seen too much that we couldn’t do.”

You mentioned you do restorations. Are you working on any restorations at the moment?

“We have a Porsche 356 out there now, and we’ve done a couple of Isettas recently. We also have a 1970 GTO Judge we’re working on. If it gets slow during the winter months, we’ll focus more of our time on restorations.”

When we drove up, we noticed there were several other businesses right in this group of buildings that also work on cars. Are any of them competition or does that become an issue?

“The building beside us also does some bodywork, and the business in the main building, closest to the street builds ‘drifter cars’. Because he can’t paint, he sends us cars from time to time. But it’s not really an issue, there’s enough business for all us.”

Are you involved in any community activities?

“We help sponsor quite a few things; both Anna and VA school activities, and the Boy Scout Car Show.”

What can a person expect as average turnaround time?

“Well, I’ve got three others working in the shop, plus me, then my wife and daughter in the office. For a wreck it takes us about a week. For something like hail damage, we’ll spend a week going back and forth with the insurance companies to get authorization and updated quotes. Then it’s about another week and half on the repairs.”

You’ve been here almost 5 years and looks like y’all are staying busy and doing well. Do you have any plans for your future? And what would you like people to know about your business?

“If we continue to grow, I’d like to buy some land and build a bigger shop. We’re going to need it. I guess we just want people to know we work on just about anything – if you drive it, we can work on it. And nothing is too big or too small of a project. We’ll restore you’re old Porsche or attach your mirror to your car. We’ve even painted the scoreboard for the Van Alstyne Youth Baseball Field. We do a little bit of everything.”

Dings, bumps, wrecks or repairs – whatever your need, Auto Body by Fisher can help you out!

Auto Body by Fisher

255 S Henry Hynds Expy, Van Alstyne, TX 75495


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