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Spotlight on Van Alstyne – Wolfe Pack Trading

May 22, 2019

Walking through the store, you can almost feel each item trying to share its story with you.  There's a mixture of old and new, vintage, retro and antique and each piece is perfectly unique.  We spent some time with Julie, talking to her about her love of antiques and how she and her husband, Dean ended up with their store full of treasures and their online auction business.



 I don’t think I’ve ever come in here and actually taken the time to look around, you’ve got a lot of cool stuff in here!  How did you get started?

“I’ve done it all my life!  My parents were always into antiques.  My dad had an antique store and was part owner of an auction house, so, it all just fell into place.  We started almost three years ago.  We kinda had an opportunity.  My husband was needing a change in life from the corporate world, so we took a leap of faith, and we opened our first shop in Anna.  I’ve always been an antiques collector; even as a kid I had antique furniture in my room.  We lived in an old house.  When we went on vacation, it revolved around where the antique shop were that we wanted to stop at.  People say it’s in their blood.  Thank sounds kind of corny but it’s definitely in my blood.  So, that’s how we got started.  We just started collecting stuff and set up our shop in Anna.  Dean went to Auctioneer School, so we were able to work that into the mix, and it ended up being a major part of our business.  We have an auction house in Tom Bean, a pretty big warehouse that we run live and online auctions out of.  This shop is  a supplement to that.  It started as an antique shop, and grew from there.  The retail space is the fun part!”




What constitutes an Antique?

“The item must be at least 100 years old to be considered a true antique.  Most everything I have in here is considered ‘Vintage’ or ‘Retro’.  I have a few things in here that are true antiques, but not many.”