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Spotlight on Van Alstyne - Rock’s Heart of Restoration / Trinity Sisters

June 26, 2019

When you walk in the door, it’s not hard to miss how beautiful this house is and it’s undeniable the serene presence that comes over you.  We took a few minutes to walk into each room of the house where Rock’s Heart of Restoration and Trinity Sisters operates their businesses and just take it all in.  Then we sat down with Devit Rock and learned how all of this came about.




Tell us what brought you to Van Alstyne.

“We were living in Allen, Mark was working in McKinney at the time.  He was looking to get a little more ‘out in the country’.  He’s from a small town.  I’m a city girl!  Allen was small when we moved there, but 11 years later it was growing.  He wanted a place for the kids and to have a little bit of land.  One of the ladies in his group told him about Steeplechase and that’s where we moved. We love it there!  We moved here when Jared was in second grade, so he went almost all of the way through school in Van Alstyne.  It’s a wonderful community, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.  We love Van Alstyne and raising our children here has been such a blessing, and then experiencing losing a child, the community was awesome, the people just rallied around us.  We have felt the prayers for eight years.”



How did all of this get started and which business came about first?

“Trinity Sisters was first.  We lost Jared in June of 2011, so Sept 2012 we started Trinity Sisters.  It was a really great way for me to deal with my grief, being creative.  Trinity Sisters is the creative side of the business, it’s also a ministry because we do a lot of church groups, we give our testimony and share what all God has done in our lives.  Originally, I had two partners when we started and we would hold work workshops at Cherry Berry’s yogurt shop in Sherman.  They’ve since gone on to different things.  Rock’s Heart of Restoration came about in June of 2013 after we purchased this house.  We were looking for a location for Trinity Sisters. We wanted to be able to have a store and have space to do our workshops. Initially we had been looking at another house near here, but determined that it was going to take a lot of work and after lots of prayer, we felt we were going to have to walk away from it. That was on a Friday night.  On Sunday my husband, Mark, told me ‘Hey, Johnny Johnson’s house is for sale.’  I knew what house he was talking about and I’ve always loved it.  When I would take the kids to school and drive by, or go to the post office in my heart of hearts, or I would even say it out loud to God, “Lord, I love that house.” It was always in my heart, never dreaming that He would give us this place to use for His glory and to keep Jared’s memory alive.  We later learned that this house wasn’t even supposed to be here.  It’s had been built in Canon and later moved here by oxen and mule.  But it’s original destination was Howe!”


There are several rooms downstairs and upstairs, how do you utilize all the space?

“We purchased the house in June of 2013.  We had a store downstairs, Karen Murray had a studio space upstairs, and Trudy with Rain Lillies was upstairs also.  Later, they both moved out and got bigger locations and we decided that the venue part of it needed more space down here because we were renting for showers and things like that. So we moved the Trinity Sisters store upstairs, and eventually closed the store completely. Now we mostly focus on the workshops, and that part is really good for us.”