2019 Senior Street Team

Imagine meeting up with a group of friends every month; laughing, telling jokes, just having fun!  It’s said that it’s not so much the destination that matters, but the journey to get there.  In this case, the destination CERTAINLY MATTERS (graduation), and being a part of the Street Team means the journey will be even more fun.  PLUS, we’ll be taking a lot of great pictures along the way!  We know that you’ll WANT to share those pictures with your friends, and that’s really all we ask.

The Street Team is about community, it’s about camaraderie, it’s about building relationships and building each other up.  We’re going to have fun and we want YOU to be a part of it!

This year is the one time it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!  And we want you to have an EXPERIENCE that you will look back on and REMEMBER with a smile.  Whatever your plans are after high school, we want to make this year MEMORABLE.  We want YOUR SENIOR SESSION to be completely and one hundred percent YOU.

2019 Tween Team

We recently put together a Tween Team.  This team mirrors our 2019 Senior Street Team – as it will be participating in several Themed Shoots throughout the year, have an opportunity for an Individual Session, participate in a Community Involvement Activity and much more! 

When our babies are born, we’re excited and we go and have their pictures made.  Then when they become toddlers, they do something really cute – and again, we go and have their pictures made.  But as they start to get into school, sometime after Kindergarten or 1st Grade, we stop.  We rely on school photographers or sports pictures (and don’t get us wrong – we’re not dogging on these photographers – we’ve been there!  But there’s so much more to a child’s personality than what these photographers are able to capture in the .02 seconds they’re allowed per child) Often, the next time a child gets THEIR photo taken is senior pictures.  We’re talking having pictures made of just them. 

We’re missing out on a whole age group – the tween years – those ages where they’re silly, awkward, shy and funny.  We want to help you capture those years! 

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