For the FUN!

Our Commitment

This is the year it's ALL about YOU!


We understand how important that is and we make sure to tailor your session just the way you want it.

People will keep telling you to "enjoy it", because "it goes by so fast".  At David Hamrick Photography, we make sure that in the blur of your Senior year, you have memories that you can touch.  

We’re sure you’re researching who you want to take your Senior portraits right now and we know how big a task that can be.  Hopefully we can help you understand what sets us apart from other photographers.

What is that we really do at David Hamrick Photography? Is it just taking pretty pictures? Is it creating classic heirloom portraits? Is it designing unusual one of a kind senior photographs? Is it only capturing this moment?

The answer is yes, to all of the above BUT, that is just small part of what we do. In our opinion the greatest gift we have to give is the gift of connection!

We connect families to their past, their present and their future.  Children to their parents and those that love them.  Future generations.  Seniors to this monumental moment in time.  And sometimes we connect people to their best self.

Your soon-to-be graduate has worked their butt off to get here. This is a MAJOR LIFE EVENT for you and your child.  Do not settle for less than average portraits by someone that simply has a good camera and enjoys ”taking pictures” of anything and everything that comes their way.  Your Senior deserves better!  You need a Senior Portrait Photographer.

Parents:  We know that our kids are beautiful and special people.  Sometimes, though, they need to FEEL beautiful and special.  That is what we do for you.

We also think it’s important for you to know that we are NOT “volume photographers”. That means we only accept a small number of clients each month, so we can apply great attention to detail to each one of our Seniors.  You are NOT a number to us…  you are the only reason we are able to do this job that we love.

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